Hope in dire, unusual circumstances

You are not alone. Someone greater than you loves you and cares for you.

We are not alone Someone greater than us loves us and cares for us.

David was the savior of his people. As a teenager he killed the giant Philistine who had the rest of the Isrealite army frozen with fear. When he was older he was sent after other enemies, welcomed into the king’s court, married one of the king’s daughters, had songs sung about him throughout the land. He was IT. Then things changed. Quickly. Suddenly the king wanted him killed and David found himself fleeing for his life. This was the circumstances he found himself in when this Psalm was written.

While we are likely not being sought by someone intent on killing us life has changed very quickly and unexpectedly for the majority of us. We may be feeling lost, alone, shaken, fearful of what the future holds, or like there is no hope for getting back to the way things were. Like the baby birds appearing in our gardens who are protected under their mother’s wings during spring storms, we have someone to help shield us. This does not mean the storms will cease or never appear. They will happen. What this does meant is we are not in this alone to weather the storms. The storms will cease and the sun will shine again. You are not alone. Someone greater than you loves you and cares for you.

How you feel now is not how you’ll feel forever. Text HOME to 741741 for a trained Crisis Counselor. crisistextline.org