Freezer Cooking Friday – Pumpkin Bread and muffins

I’m not sure why this did not post like week like it was supposed to.  So, here it is, a few days late.

One of my goals this week was to make and freeze pumpkin bread.  Mission accomplished.  The end result was 12 muffins, and 5 loaves of bread.  Add to that the 12 muffins and 2 loave of bread from last week and we are good on pumpkin breads.  Especially since my husband does not like pumpkin.  Oh, well.  The rest of us do, so it will be eaten.

I am also giving away 3 loaves to family members and keeping 2 in case I want to take food to someone.  That leaves me with less than 24 muffins (we ate most of them already) and 2 loaves.  Maybe I need to make more.

The recipe was so easy and quick that I utilized a helper with the second batch.  A ‘helper’ who made the process take longer, but one who is learning and getting better.  This same ‘helper’ helped with canning earlier in the week also.

An addition I made to the loaves, at the recommendation of a comment left on the recipe’s site, was to add chips and nuts.  The first batch had chocolate chunks.  The seemed to have settled to the bottom of all the muffins and the bread.  The second batch had chocolate chunks and walnuts.  The third batch had butterscotch chips.  So far the chocolate ones are the favorites.

I tested out a few wrapping methods before putting them into the freezer.  Most I used my standard method: wrap with plastic wrap then wrap in foil (using the same fold I would to make a foil packet for cooking).

The second way used the same method as with the loaves, except I wrapped the loaves disposable pan and all.

The third way I tried was to put them directly in freezer bags.  This method I tried with one loaf and with the muffins.

I think they will all come out, though I’m curious to see if the ones in the freezer bags, without wrapping, will get freezer burn.


Have you done anything recently with freezer cooking or baking?