Simple step to take pancakes to the next level

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Pancakes are a fairly simple, straight forward breakfast item. You can have buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip, banana, or one of a million other flavors. Here is a tip you can use with any iteration you can think of, or with regular pancakes, to add a little something extra with little effort – use seltzer water as a substitute for your liquid. Not the fancy kind of seltzer water as it is not as bubbly as the cheaper stuff. The carbonation reacts with the mix, adding air bubbles and lightness.

Today’s breakfast was brought to us by an item I picked up recently, taking advantage of an Ibotta rebate*. The seltzer water I chose was a kind we did not actually like when drinking and so has been sitting in our pantry for a while. It was the perfect match up today. The orange flavor was not very noticable, if I had not known I added it I could not have told it was there.

This particular mix was simple – measure out pancake mix, add water, stir. Making the substitution for regular water, I poured the seltzer water in slowly as to not splash or shake it up.

When stirring less is more. Yes, you want to mix it. However you do not want to do it so quickly that you negate the air bubbles being created. Slow and steady. Leaving a few unmixed clumps did not hurt it in the end.

We have also used this tip when making waffles, though I would not do so when making crepes.

When you try this let me know what you think. What is your favorite way to make pancakes?

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