Did You Miss The Big Event Today?

It almost slipped by me without being noticed. I was concerned with grocery shopping, getting school work done without disturbing my husband who is working from home for the time being, and then to top it all off…the power went out for a time. With lunch in the oven. So perhaps you can forgive me for not being quick to recognize what day it is.

Happy first day of Spring!!

The earliest spring in 124 years which may also explain why I feel both early and late in my late winter garden chores. Yes, that extra day or two is very important when there are things to be done but you have to social distance yourself.

Or perhaps I tell myself that as it has not greatly turned our days on their heads. We were not able to go to our normal art class so we picked up one online. Foreign language lessons were taken over by me rather than combining with another family and band was nixed. Our co-op group (fancy name for families who come together to share in a handful of subjects as they have need or desire) met via Google Hangout. Our weekly small group get-together with families from church was cancelled. All this was not too much of a shake up. The biggest adjustment? My husband being home working, on calls, and the kids needing to be quiet.

Almost every day has found us out for a few hours enjoying the non-rain times or running errands thereby giving my husband a few hours of silence in the house. Having to work at being courteous and mindful has been the biggest, most noticable change.

Garden wise it has been a great start. I am extending a few flower beds, adding in landscaping plants, bulbs are blooming, bees are ordered, seeds started, garden furniture repair being taken care of, and weeding has started.

It has been a great start to Spring 2020. May it hold many more blooms and fewer thorns.