Very Important Announcement, they have arrived

We interrupt second morning nap on this rainy day with a Very Important Announcement…the tulips have sprouted!

Yesterday I had a few things to take care of outside before a few days of yet more rain came our way. While picking up broken solar lights and other what-nots under bushes I was at an angle to see these wonderful surprises which normally blended in with the mulch. Once I began actively looking more came into view. They sprouted! After a rather disappointing planting spring last year I was pessimistic about any plants coming up this year. Perhaps it was more of a “learning what did not work” time. Either way, between these and the daffodils and native plants in the butterfly garden appearing this year I am more hopeful as to the outcome of my efforts.

Continuing on with a renewed sense of hope I finished planting bulbs which should have been put in the ground a month or more ago. As these had previously been chilled and our cold days are not yet past they are likely to continue growing this year with perhaps less than optimal results. The main goal, though, was to get them planted. Better a month later (than I had wished) than never.

In addition to the Dutch Iris, Grape Hyacinths and Golden Echo Narcissus were planted in various spots in both my front bed and the backyard border bed. These beds have different microclimates and I can not be too sure where exactly a plant will decide to thrive. By planting them in a few locations I hope to see how they react…so I can add more in the months to come, of course.

As I was out by the backyard garden bed I went ahead and finished lining up the edging stones. (This picture was taken before I was completely finished.) They are not exactly how I want them but are close enough I can start gathering and placing cardboard as well as topping it with mulch. A local hardware store still has bags of mulch marked at $2 a bag. This makes it very convenient and time saving for me, especially as I have not found a new source of free wood chips.

Planting flowers bulbs yesterday reassured me that the earthworms are loving the cardboard and detritus. Turning our hard, clay, nutrient-less soil into something more ideal is happening as we speak. Even if some of us are taking our second nap of the day already. Having good soil can be the difference between experiencing success or failure in your garden. It also helps make garden easier and more enjoyable.