Progress against Perfectionism and Continuing to FLY

Good morning! How are you this fine, cold, sunny morning? Or “Hallo! Guten Morgen, Freund! Ich bin Rosie. Wie heisst du?” as we have been practicing around here so much Jack refuses to respond any longer. 🙂

My plans for today fall under the category of Do The Small Things – clear off a small pile here, a quick fix there, load of laundry in between, planting the handful of bulbs which had not made it into the ground, starting a few seeds…the small things. Quick, not easy to be distracted from, flexible, and in all they will add up to more than I would have thought.

Yesterday my husband gave me these beautiful flowers. He was quite surprised when I thanked him for them as he did not remember stopping by the store, purchasing them, nor giving them to me. All very valid gaps in his memory as he did none of those activities. I bought two smaller bunches while grocery shopping, while the rest of the house slept, and had them combined in the vase when he came into the kitchen. What he did was go to work to earn money, hence he bought me flowers. I saved by finding marked down flowers and did not require him to actually go into a store which he is not usually fond of doing. I also picked him up a can of free, after sale and coupon, flavored nuts. We were both happy both with the items and money being saved. (He also did not remember the free toothpaste he got me but I like looking at the flowers more so you don’t get to see the other items.)

See the messy table behind the case of flowers? No? That is because I did Small Things including picking up the 6 or so random items on the table while my coffee brewed and croissant toasted. Then I was able to enjoy a delicious breakfast while typing up a post pre-awake-kids at a clutter free table. This is what I consider FLYing.

Jealous? Then do not look at the counter by the sink or else you get to wash the pans.

Earlier this week I sent in half the payment to get started as a beekeeper – two hives, protective equipment for me and George (my husband and Jack have no desire to be involved), two packages of bees, and other assorted items. My husband was shocked when I told him to total amount it would cost to begin our own apiary. He was much happier when I told him it was being fully funded by resold curbside finds, recycling proceeds, books sold, and he would not see any of it effect our budget.

These items would have been ordered sooner had I not been concerned with making the ‘absolutely right’ decision. I finally told myself, for the zillionth time, that good enough was fine and I did not need to find The Perfect items. And you know what? The Earth did not stop turning and progress is being made in the long-term planning of my garden.

The photo above is from last week when I planted Tom’s Dwarf wax myrtle (Myrica cerifera ‘Tom’s Dwarf) in the front yard. To help get this project moving I first called our utilities’ phone number to have their locations marked. I really did not want to find them with my shovel.

After that it took me less than 10 minutes to get these in the ground. A planting I had put off since before Christmas. Yup, spent more time giving myself a hard time about not having done it than it took to do the action.*

Do you have any specific plans for today? Goals? How about Small Things you can do to work toward a larger project? Share in the comments to encourage others to make progress on something today.

*see ‘zillionth time’ above