Rainy Start To the Year

One of the benefits to schooling at home is being able to take off during non-traditional times. One of the not-so-good benefits to schooling at home (for the kids) is to have school during non-traditional times – this week being one of those times. Yes, we have been doing school work the week after Christmas, the week of New Year’s Day. While my husband is still home on Christmas/New Year vacation. Fun times.

As I will not be joining in on the adventure my husband asked me very good question, “What are you going to do with all your free time?” Great question. I know if I were to go into the week without a written down plan I would find it suddenly Thursday with nothing accomplished beyond a few books having been finished and a lower supply of coffee in the pantry. Good thing I had given some thought to what I wanted to accomplish and work on, so I do have a plan which I will talk about later.

Having a general yearly plan for the garden is very similar to having one for at home this upcoming week – if I were to ‘wing it’ I would find it the middle of summer with only a few plants in the garden and many projects still unaccomplished. That is not what I am wanting.

During the summer of Year 1 we moved in and I made note of various aspects of the yard – light, drainage, etc. Year 2 found beds beginning to be put into place and a few plants added. Year 3 found more trees and shrubs added as well as trellises and expanding beds. What will Year 4 hold? Finishing up and filling in. I am wanting to finish putting in trellises for the muscadine vines, finish adding edging to the boarder flower/vegetable beds, finish a support system for the blackberry bushes, find a more permanent place for the strawberry plants, fill in with extra plants in the butterfly garden, add in two pawpaw trees, and add in a support for our wooden porch swing which we have not been able to use since moving here.

Looking at that list can be a bit daunting.

That was 10 months ago. There have been a few surprised since then. You know, such as a pandemic, quarantine, murder hornets, forest fires, an extremely active hurricane season, strong storms in the west, increase in grocery prices and decrease in toilet paper supply…. small things like that. Amongst all that, and more, I was glad to have an idea of what path I wanted to follow this year.

The blackberry trellis is currently cut and stained. As yet another hurricane is supposed to supply us with rain this weekend I am holding off installation till I can also install the posts for the muscadines. I hope to get them stained tomorrow before the rains come.

The paw-paws I completely forgot about but two bee hives were added, with one splitting and now we have 3.

The border did get finished, at least one layer 98% of the way. The store ran out of bricks before we could get more.

All the strawberry plants died. Enough said.

As for our porch swing which is still leaning against a wall in the garage I have played around with so many ideas. None felt right so the swing is still leaning against that wall.

Seems a rainy start in the literal sense was followed by one in the figurative sense. The plants kept growing, I have made a recovery in a few areas I had ‘failed’, and my Sweet 100 tomatoes keep right on producing. Perhaps the forecast is changing?