Quick Budget Friendly Garden Project for Homegrown Veggies in Cool Weather

While working beside my house last week I realized there were green onions growing in the strawberry box (I planted part of it in green onions last year). Here is the problem…blessing?…I had harvested all the onions a few months back. It seems a few bulbs did not sprout with the others but the temperatures have been moderate enough for them to grow with no top protection.

The beds here will not be ready for planting for another few months yet these onions are giving me hope. Could I do an early crop using a row cover?

Or perhaps a quick, budget friendly idea like this would work:

There should be a few clear tubs near the rain barrels, used to haul wood chips last spring, which I can use. If not then this is a good time of year to find them curbside or at the store. I have not used row covers before yet think I can handle this quick project.

Have you tried this before? I would love to hear about your experience. The thought behind this is something I understand, I am wondering if there are some tips to increase the likelihood of success.