Weekly Goals – August 5, 2012

How did it end up Thursday already?  Where did the week go?  Well, mine went to the food mill and canner.  That is the only way I can figure out how it is already Thursday and I am just now getting around to posting this.  It was made up earlier in the week, just not posted.  My fault on that one.


Previous Goals:

Personal Goals:

  1. Get to be by 10 PM; wake up at 5:30 am – well, this didn’t work out.  Although several nights I was able to get the equivalant amount of sleep.
  2. Have a clean counter before going to bed
  3. Read two ebooks about composting – I made it through most of one but haven’t finished it. Turns out it is longer than I thought.
  4. Spend 1 hour every morning and afternoon playing with my kids- I did better in this area, purposefully making time for them without other distractions
  5. Finish menu planning for the month – This goal made significant headway.  It isn’t completely filled out, but the majority of it is

Garden Goals:

  1. Water the garden every morning, if it didn’t rain the night/day before – Did this several times last week, though not daily.
  2. Plant onion sets
  3. Plant lettuce seeds (buy them if I don’t  have them)
  4. Move my potted cucumber plants to a different location – they are blooming well, but no cucumbers are resulting; I’m hoping a new location might help attract insects to aid in pollination – This is something I did early in the week.  They are adjusting to the increase in sunlight, but seem to be doing okay.  No cucumbers yet, though.
  5. Add compost to my south bed, around my basil plants – Also something I did early on in the week; saw immediate results.  I think it helped act as a mulch to hold in the moisture and keep the sun off the soil.
  6. Go to the local yard waste disposal place to see if there are any wood chips
  7. Can beets
  8. Can tomatoes – Did one batch late Saturday; it was enough to get me into the canning mood for this week


New Goals:


  1. Make pumpkin bread and muffins to freeze and give away
  2. Clear off and organize pantry shelves


  1. Drink less soda (5) – I’m currently drinking about one a day.  It isn’t a habit, but a daily indulgance)
  2. Eat fewer carbs


  1. Water daily if it hasn’t rained
  2. Spend 15 minutes daily working on weeding the flower beds
  3. Can pizza and spaghetti sauce