Who is there? The importance of learning bird calls

Early this morning and again this evening I was reminded of the different bird calls I have been hearing over the past week. I believe birds are migrating south again. Beyond the easy to hear and see Canada goose, there have been smaller, solitary birds as well. Here is the issue I am having – I may here the birds yet I have not seen them. It has been dark or they are flying over head, they are on roof tops or in neighbors yards.

While it is good to know the various species by sight there are many instances beyond those above when that is either impossible or very difficult to spot them. What is often easy to notice is their songs. Some birds mimic others, but even there they have patterns you can use to help begin to identify them.

If you have never tried to learn their songs and calls I encourage you to pick one bird to learn well, then progress from there.

For those in the UK here is a resource of bird calls that might help you out as well.