Pollinators in Your Garden

Attracting pollinators to your garden may be something you need to investigate if you are not getting the results you were expecting. Without pollinators the flowers are not fertilized and fruit is not produced. If you are not wanting to pollinate by hand, what is there to do? Check out some of the ideas below to see if one of these might work for you.

Building pollinator feeders – there is not a lack of jars in this house. Even if there were, condiment jars would also work. This looks like a fairly quick and simple solution to try. Have you ever tried anything similar? What were the pros and cons?

Creating habitat for mason bees – this is the video I was watching when I posted this to the Facebook page. If you are looking for an easier and more productive pollinator than honey bees, this would be a good option.

A few years ago I was seeing baby cucumbers in my garden, yet they kept dying before growing bigger than my thumb. That is when I learned about the importance of pollinators. As it turns out, cucumber will begin to grow but stop if the flower had not been pollinated. That was also the year of a not so great tomato harvest.

The following year my vegetable had some flowers added in with the other plants. Nothing fancy or excessive, but enough to help attract pollinators. The Amish/Mennonite families we used to live near always had a row of season long blooming flowers. They knew the importance of such additions to the garden. A secondary benefit was a beautiful sight while working in your garden or driving past it.

After moving I again added flowers to the garden. The problem I had, after planting flower and vegetable seeds, was that my seeds were not sprouting. I believe some over spray of the pre-emergent applied to reduce weeds in the yard had landed in the garden. This year I planted a few actual plants to see if I had trouble going that route. They did much better. Next year I will try to start flower seeds along with vegetable seeds of the desired plants. I could buy all the plants I need if I am willing to budget that amount rather than spending time to start plants.

Lack of harvest could be do to a variety of reasons. If you suspect it is due to low numbers of pollinators some of the idea above could help you solve that problem fairly quick.