Back To The Roots, windowsill grow kit – Review, Day 7

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I am sure my readers can do basic math and realized that this Day 7 review is being posted a few weeks past the actual Day 7. However, the pictures and results are from that time.

I was excited to try the Back To The Roots windowsill grow kit once I saw them advertised at our local Target. A cash back rebate from Ibotta helped lower the price so each one cost me only a few dollars to test out. The idea of being able to pick up seeds, soil, and a container to grow herbs in at home sounded great to this garden loving mom with limited time.

Unfortunantly the results did not live up to the hype. Following the directions carefully I watered and watched, waiting for the little green heads to pop up out of the soil. They never appeared.

Unlike other reviews I eventually read there were no mushrooms appearing. What I did grow was a layer of yellow …. something. Mold? Fungus? Then they were tossed in the trash. (As I was not sure what I was actually growing, I did not want to add it to the compost pile.)

Good idea Back To The Roots, but the concept needs a bit of work yet.