Back To The Roots, windowsill grow kit – Review, Day 1

Earlier this week I came across a deal I wanted to share with all of you. I could have written up a Facebook post and shared it, but then thought of a better idea – why not share it on the blog and use it as an experiment in a different way of gardening. Not everyone wants to or is able to have a large garden. Some want to have a few of their favorite vegetables on hand without the fuss of weeding and soil improvements. You also will not get “cute” bunnies hopping through your wonderfully luscious greens either, which is a side benefit to most people.

Here is the short version: Target currently carries Back To The Roots windowsill grow kits in their outdoor/gardening section for $5.99. Ibotta has a $4 off 1 rebate, limit of two, currently available. You are able to buy two Back To Roots windowsill grow kits (herbs) for $1.99 each after rebate. They have a choice of mint, cilantro, and basil.

Longer version: My Ibotta account has a rebate for several Back To The Roots products at Target. The Windowsill Grow Kits are currently $5.39 at my area Target store. After my $4 off 1 rebate I am able to purchase two grow kits for $1.39 each.

I already have parsley, cilantro, and lemon balm growing in my garden. However, I have not tried window gardening for a while and I can never have too much mint or cilantro around, though I would also be happy with some basil. For less than $2 each I am going to test these out and see what results I get from growing plants inside.

After going to the store, I found that all of the mint was out of stock at my local store. Apparently it was a popular choice among shoppers in my area. I was able to pick up two cilantro grow kits. I decided to get two of these rather than one cilantro and one basil as we have been cooking a lot more Indian recipes lately the need for cilantro in my pantry has likewise increased.

The grow kits were located in the garden/outdoor section. In my store this means the back right corner, straight back from the grocery section, though your store may be set up a bit different. There was an aisle of garden gloves and other paraphernalia in which the shelf holding the cardboard display was found.

Following the instructions on the back I prepared both grow kits and put them in a sunny location.

What an odd feeling it was to pop the top of a can and find a package of dirt and soil all ready to plant. Kind of like Christmas in May to a gardener! The side of the can clarified what the soil mixture was. The second can had some yellow coloring on the very top layer of soil. As we are in the midst of pollen-opolous right now in our area, my first thought was of pollen. My second thought was of a soil amendment or fungus. It did not feel like fungi or other unwanted growth. I will keep an eye on that particular can and see what happens with it. Otherwise the soil looks good as a starting medium.

Keep your eyes open to for an update in a week or so.

What are you growing in your garden?