The Great Tomato Adventures of 2012 Begins

I have tomatoes.

Unfortunately they are not from my garden.  They were a really good deal, though, at $.17-$.20 per pound.  My intent was to get some for myself and put the rest on the stand.  However, the deal was so good that I went a bit overboard.  Now, instead of having a few tomatoes to eat with our meals this week, I have about 120 lbs of them.  They look good, even the #2’s and canners.

And I was worried that there would not be any tomatoes because of the drought.  I am not chancing it though and will go ahead and buy them now rather than wait to see if I can get a better deal on them later.  Considering the store is selling them for $1.69 or so, what I paid for them is just fine by me.

The only thing that was keeping me from buying more was the fact that I knew my Norpro Sauce Master had a broken handle.  See, last fall It and I had a disagreement.  I thought I had won, but in the end It did … the handle broke when I was almost done.  More precisely the nut that allows the handle to rotate broke off.  Completely my fault, by the way.  Once I admitted that I was in the wrong, and fixed the problem, It worked so much smoother and better … right before I finally broke the nut beyond repair.  Let me just say that trying to “fix” it with a screw wrapped in tape may have been a sufficient fix, but definitely not the most comfortable.  My knuckles and hands paid for it.

So, why has it taken me this long to replace it?  That is a great question.  {crickets chirp and you can hear the leaves falling in the breeze.  Itsn’t it peaceful?}

Today I said that it was finally time to order a replacement part.  I had not been looking forward to doing it by mail order.  Something about it makes me nervous even though people did it this way for generations.  I decided to check online instead.  Sure enough, I found a store online that had the handle I wanted.  For less than $3 more than ordering it by  mail, I should get it within the week rather than in 4-6 weeks.  It is worth the $3 to me to have it here that much sooner.

And so begins the Great Tomato Adventures of 2012.  So far everything is off to a good start.  Now to go put the tomatoes somewhere besides the trunk of my car.

My camera still doesn’t have a card that will work with it.  As a result, I did not take the picture above.  However, it looks so much like my stand that I could have and there wouldn’t have been much of a difference.  For those who don’t know, the green containers are actually quart sized containers.  They make great containers for anything though, not just stuff that you need a quart of.