Let the gardening begin

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Genesis 1:3 KJV

A beautiful sunny morning. Breakfast of (fresh) coffee to go along with a croissant. Waiting for the warmth to go along with said sunshine. It will come. Eventually. In the meantime the swallows are flying around looking for something, a red-winged blackbird passes on its way to a cattail along a different ditch, the mocking bird is going to town singing in the neighbor’s tree, the neighborhood dogs are talking to each other, and my dog is basking in the sunshine.

It is a good morning.

Coffee and croissant with cherry jam

I have been planting some bean and wildflower seeds lately. Both have sprouted, thankfully, and so officially begins a new gardening season.

The rhubarb has also come back and the garlic is still alive. The fig tree did not make it through the few nights of freezing temperatures we experienced; my hopes are that it will send up shoots and grow from those. Next winter, if it is still here, I will heed the warnings and cover this plant to help protect it.

Rhubarb plant resprouting

The muscadine plants have buds looking to expand. The 4′ by 50′ bed where I plan to install their trellis is coming along. There is about a 10′ section still needing multiple layers of cardboard and a 20′ section needing woodchips added. I also need to get a load of concrete blocks to place along the fence. These help keep the mulch off the fence and give me a raised planting area in which to put flowers or more vegetables.

A few landscapers are coming by this week to take a look at an area where we want to extend our back patio. I am also going to include “dig 2′ post holes”. By the time I buy a posthole digger and actually get that far into our clay soil, well, I will let the professionals take care of that small job. I might even come out ahead financially.

Strawberry Blossom

The strawberries already have flowers. Last year they produced only a few berries. Thinking on this yesterday I realized they are in a place with few pollinators. Last night then found me doing homework, learning how to pollinate strawberries myself. With the few I currently have this is an option. My long term goal is to have enough food around the yard to add in a bee hive. Until then, hand pollinating will have to work.

There are more projects on my list to be completed. I would be surprised if there weren’t. A sheltered place to put firewood, fixing the dog house, hooking up rain barrels, propagating hydrangeas, mixing up potting soil (today’s task), planting onions (also today’s task), creating a trellis for cucumbers, and the list goes on.

Spring in Zone 7 cones earlier than it did in Zone 5. Still takes a bit of getting used to; I try not to question the planting charts too much. If it seems like I am behind on a few things (onions!!) then that is because I am behind. However a week or two behind now is not going to make me throw up my hand on something for the rest of the growing season. What it means is doing something, any thing, but not necessarily doing it perfectly.

Off I go to mix potting soil, plant onions, and finish my coffee. Not necessarily in that order.

So, what are you up to today? What in ONE thing you will do to take a step forward?