Peek Into My Lazy Saturday Morning

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The morning has been a slow one. I woke up before my husband, finally, but spent the next hour or two watching YouTube channels (Scrap & Pallet Man, Old Alabama Gardener). This led to me contemplating the orientation for trellises (E to W, or N to S) to make the best use of space and light. Finally decided it would be more fun to get up and do actual gardening rather than watch someone else do it. (Especially since the kids are still asleep.)

My husband is off to the gym and another function. He will be back before lunch, then is heading into work for a few hours. Lunch today: hamburgers on onion buns, fried potatoes, a very small side of tomato salad, and sliced pears. Dessert? Well, let’s see how I feel about that closer to the time. For now I need to make sure the ground beef is thawed.

These are my ‘new’ gardening shoes. They are actually more comfortable then my regular sneakers. My ‘old’ gardening shoes were given to a teen who needed a throwaway pair to wear to camp one muddy weekend. A few weeks later I found these for $3 at a thrift store. They are a bit colorful, but the plants don’t care. They are very comfortable.

As I was tying my shoes George came into the kitchen. So much for getting rain barrels set up before kids woke up. After he finished his chores I decided to wake up Jack and do a quick run to Kroger for a few sale items…and donuts – a well rounded breakfast.

On the way home I got a few gallons of gas to try a mower I picked up curbside a few weeks back. The kids and I also stopped by a local business to check out a few long pallets they had set out. Decided to use what I already have first.

Once home I set the maids to sweeping and slicing.

The latest addition (blender) was added to the house by my husband. I came into our marriage with a blender picked up used (from an auction, it was less than $10) while I was in college. The top of the container broke once, found an extra at a garage sale and it kept going. The lid and the bowl recently became cracked in too many places to keep working. Instead of replacing the bowl again my husband upgraded. I had a bit of fun slicing potatoes with the attachment….3 lbs of sliced potatoes later we have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. (I did not know how much the upgrade was till I found the link for above. Lesson #1: a $10 second-hand blender is quite sufficient to last you more than 15 years. Lesson #2: my husband is willing to spend more on items which turn out to be good ones, while I go for lower costing ones which will suffice for my needs. It really is a good balance – I do the grocery shopping each week and he keeps me from living like a pauper when we do not have to.)

Over lunch I turned on a movie to watch. Not a normal one, but a 2.5 hour, action packed, ‘guy’ type movie. Honestly, I could not take another kiddie show.

After my lunch was settled and the kids were playing nice together, I turned off the movie and headed back outside to finally set up the rain barrels. These two were bought off a local for sale group. The smaller one is by far in better shape. The top of the larger one is cracking. Not sure exactly what I am going to use, but it will be getting a cover soon.

Last time I installed two rain barrels in our yard, I built a platform out of pallet wood to sit on top of concrete blocks. I grew more annoyed as the building of the platform progressed and ended up wanting to throw the concrete blocks at it. This time, I decided to avoid that frustration. Part of the scrap wood we have are sawed up …. well, not really sure the use for which they are made. My first thought was a railroad tie, but they are too small. What they are is thick, solid, and heavy. They are perfect for stacking to build a raised support for a rain barrel.

The most frustrating part of this was getting the “almost level” ground to be level. Then finding out the second barrel will not fit there due to the dog house. Yes, the extremely heavy one which we do not use but have because we said we would provide one when we adopted the dog. No one would know if we did not have it. Except I would know and would be driven crazy knowing I did not do what I said I would. So, dog house it is. Second rain barrel is going to another part of the yard.

During the point of leveling off the ground and getting frustrated at <1/2″ of difference over a few feet thwarting my plans, I took a break and addressed the excess of strawberry runners in my beds. Not only is that bed now cleaned up: 1. I have starts for my Year 2 “bed” and 2. I cleared up the area around the rain barrels, which is where the pots and potting soil had been stored. Getting dirt under my nails always makes me happy.

And that is how I got to supper time, a bit late, feeling like I accomplished several things, though there is always more to be done. I also realized the dish and laundry fairies had not appeared that day. Such a shame. Oh well, it will have to wait till tomorrow. I am ready for bed.