Planting For The Future – muscadine vines

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There are a lot of blogs out in Cyber Land. Most do not stay around (I have read numbers from 45 – 100 days). That is the reality of things. It is still a shame when you find one, learn a lot from several posts, then realize its bloom only lasted a few months. It may have made a great, bold statement while it was here before one day disappearing. Perhaps this is one of the benefits and curses to things put on the internet – they never really go away. There are always little seeds left behind.

Here, Dear Readers, is a blog with information I have been looking for over the past few days. Even extensions sites and publications did not have the detailed information I needed! After finding what I was looking for I explored further and found yet another post which sparked my interest – making Crabapple Jelly! I was excited – here was a blog that was right up my alley. Then I looked and saw its flower only lasted 6 months. I am not sure what happened to the blogger, but I am grateful for the knowledge and experiences shared in those 6 months.

At the end of last month I had “bucks” to use at a local nursery before they expired. As winter is not the usual time to be planting, I went in with a mental list of items I would like to add to the garden this year. My hope was that I could find something toward the top of the prioritized list. The nut trees I was looking for were not in stock. What they did have were muscadine vines. Unfortunately what I did not have were trellises in place to plant said vines.

I bought the vines.

The location for the muscadines has already been chosen, as well as the style of trellis. With this information in mind I thought I was ready to head to the home improvement store. I had even printed off the $75 in gift cards earned from Swagbucks in anticipation of being able to stop by on Monday. Then as I realized I needed to write out a list before going (to help keep me on track and focused in the store). However, did I need 6 screws? Bolts? What length? How many support posts? Apparently I was not as ready as I thought.

In the few days since then I have come across vague designs of trellises, some even with a few dimensions given. But nothing I could easily write out list with which to head to the store. It looked as if I was going to have to adjust the plans myself. Making one last “quick look at the search results then I am quitting to go make supper” effort resulted in this post about building a muscadine trellis. While the blogger gave the disclaimer that the post would be boring, I found it to be exactly what I needed – filled with details and plain writing.

My list is now made and ready for the trip to the store. First thing tomorrow.