DIY dog bed

This post was originally written last fall. We have since added three other DIY dog beds to our home, all a bit different than the one before.  He might be a bit spoiled in that sense.

What do you do at 4:30 in the morning when you find yourself wide awake? Why, look up tutorials for sewing your dog a new bed of course. What else would you be doing?

We already have a very large bed for our very large dog, yet he likes to be in the same room as us and often naps while “guarding his flock”. As we have wood floors I thought it would be thoughtful to get him another bed. Or two. Dog beds are not necessarily cheap, especially when you need an XL bed, yet are a pretty easy shape to mimic. Why not make one from scratch?

I knew I could sew a bed, I could even do it by hand while watching an episode of a t v . show if needed.  The step which made me pause was this – the stuffing, or batting. What to use inside?

A quick online search landed me on a video with a great solution. Not only does it mean I can use fabric from my stash, but I can also use up those fabric scraps which get created! A win-win scenario.

“But…I don’t sew as much lately…we need A LOT of scrap fabric.” Then I thought of the holey sweatpants sitting in the trash can in the laundry room, the holey sock I threw away last night, the well loved and outgrown shirt I was not sure what to do with, and all the other bits of this and that material which is not officially scrap fabric from sewing. “Why not use those, too?”

It has now become a win-win-win-win situation. The dog gets a new bed, my sewing fabrics will find a new life, I can keep some things out of the trash (at least for a bit longer), and this is a super easy project to teach George.

The table we found curbside earlier this week was picked up with a specific purpose in mind – a sewing table.  It has been wiped down and set up. All that is needed is to put the sewing machines on it and get to work creating. I believe I have found our first project with which to christen it.

Note: after reading through the comments of the video, which I recommend doing, someone touched upon another issue – dog hair. I knew I would not be sewing with fleece as it would hold on to every hair shed, of which our dog has MANY. Instead I will look for outdoor fabric scraps or upholstery scraps which will make vaccuming hair off much easier. Worse comes to worse I will ‘have to’ go to the fabric store and look through their clearance fabric. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our pets.

Update: we ended up trying out an old plastic table cloth as an outside cover for the bed.  It lasted a few months before getting a hole warn in the middle of it where the dog kept walking. It also turned out to be too small for our large dog.  Both of these are easy fixes…and I have more holey clothes to add for padding.