Simple Garden Chore – replacing solar light batteries

Some chores in the garden are very difficult and take a lot of planning.  Others are so simple we often forget about them.  Changing out the batteries in our solar lights along the walkway is one of those simple chores.  It has gotten to the point where only 3 or 4 out of the 12 still work.

At first I assumed their lack of working was because the lights were too old, yet I was delaying throwing them away.  Then I realized I could not remember the last time I put batteries in them.  While I noted the need for new batteries at night, when I saw the lights not come on, come morning I tended to forget about them amidst the making of breakfast and getting everyone dressed.  Out of sight, out of mind.

As I stopped at a big box store this past week I finally remembered we needed them.  It seems, however, I waited a bit too long.  “We do not have any more in stock as they are currently out of season,” said the sales associate, while setting up a display of Christmas items.

Not wanting to use up time going store to store, I decided to turn to my trusty fall back for shopping – the internet.

Before ordering the batteries, I did check a few things.  First, I wanted to make sure I was looking for the correct size.  Secondly, I check online for prices at local stores, the ones who will “ship free to store” so I would have a base line for prices.

10 minutes later I found what I needed, ordered them, and should be receiving them early next week. No need to load up kids or use gas. Thanks to my checking prices I also know it did not cost me any more to take this route than to have found them at one of the local stores.

What are some of your end of season chores?  What little things have you put been putting off?


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