Pantry Organization

Our new house has a wonderfully large, walk-in pantry, something our house in Small Town did not have.  That particular house did not even have a pantry so much as it had a few narrow shelves at the top of the basement steps.  What that particular house did have, which this one does not, is a basement.

Organizing the pantry was not high on my list for the first 6 months or so after moving into our current home.  Over time, though, I has gotten out of hand.  The need for getting it under control is extremely obvious.  It is supposed to be a walk-in pantry, but is more of a take-a-step-in-and reach pantry currently.

I have ideas for organizing it.  I have great intentions for organizing it.  What I do not have is a set in place plan and accountability for organizing it.

A few years back, when faced with a large, daunting project, I turned to the blog and set a challenge for myself, and others, to accomplish a given goal over a set time.  The result amazed me.  Learning from that experience, here I am again, laying out a goal for myself, challenging you to do the same.

Knowing there were so many options to tackle some of the challenges and needs of this space, I turned to the internet to see how others may have accomplished their organizing.  It was great to actually see the results.  While not everything is something I would be interested in, it gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration to get going.  I was also reaffirmed in the fact that a large budget to accomplish this was not needed.

Sources for ideas and inspiration:

The Most Frugal Way To Organize A Pantry at Bless’re House – For less than $50 and some DIY skill repurposing cardboard boxes, Lauren created organization in her walk-in pantry.  She also has a free printable to help keep you on track as to what you need to pick up next time you go grocery shopping.

Pantry Organization on a Budget: Dollar Store Organizing at – Alejandra organized her pantry using dollar store items, spending about $42 for all the containers and storage solutions.

5 Smart & Inexpensive Ways To Store More In Your Pantry at – I loved these ideas.  Very practical, making use of spaces we otherwise might overlook or not consider.  Personally, I can see the idea of the magazine rack working well in my pantry.


Steps to Organize Pantry:

  1. Find inspiration (refer back to this step as needed)
  2. Consider how the space is used
  3. Come up with an on-paper layout/plan
  4. Obtain supplies
  5. Create storage solutions, if needed
  6. Clear off kitchen counters and completely empty out pantry
  7. Place things back, in proper places
  8. Make adjustments as needed

Now to take action and actually get the job done. Obviously I am failing at Step 1 – find inspiration. How do you get yourself motivated to do jobs you are not looking forward to beginning?