Oct 122017

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If you have been following this blog on Facebook, you will have seen several times where I have shared about gardeners looking back on the gardening season to reevaluate what has worked and what has not.

I have done this in the past and found it to be a great learning experience.  It also allows me to realize all that has been accomplished over the previous weeks and months.

Gardeners are not the only ones to look back and reevaluate past actions, nor is gardening the only area of life to which one can apply this activity.  Perhaps it is my introverted nature that often has me doing this as I go through life. I find a balanced look at past and present actions can be a great opportunity for personal growth.

AlinaJoy from Good Old Days Farm has recently gone through a similar process with her blog.  After life brought some (good) changes, she reevaluated the direction her blog was taking.

Good Old Days Farm is where I found the Easy Peasy Chores a few years ago.  It was a great system to use with our pre-readers.  Even now the kids would love the ease of knowing what is expected of them.

After some thought and consideration, Good Old Days Farm is getting a new makeover.  The most obvious will be a name change to Happy Unconventional Life.  What is not changing is the content to help you create a godly family culture.

To celebrate my new blog… I have a HUGE launch! I’ll be opening the doors for the very first time to my brand new resource library. Inside the Library, there are hundreds of pages of files about Family Fun, Homemaking Help, Bible Study and Encouragement. Best of all, everything will be free, Free, FREE.  ~AlinaJoy @ Happy Unconventional Life

Not only do you get access to this free resource, but for those to sign up now there is an Early Bird Bonus of resources from 20 various bloggers!  These have been put together to create a Faith & Family ToolkitThis bonus is only available until October 16th.

My home has benefited from resources and wisdom of shared by AlinaJoy, and will continue to do so in the future.  (Though, a particular son of mine would not mind if I conquered the laundry pile by allowing him to go naked, or wear the same outfit for days on end.  But that is a different issue altogether.)

I am looking forward to having access to this free library of resources and the Early Bird Bonus available for the next few days.  I am curious to see what the Electronic Free Bingo has in store for our family; the struggle is real over here.

As an added bonus, if this has not been enough already, once you sign-up you will be presented with a limited time offer to redeem a coupon which can save you several dollars off one of their most popular ebooks.  You need not take advantage of this offer to access the rest of the FREE materials, but I did want to make you aware of the opportunity in case you have had your eye on this great resource.

How about you?  What resource are you most excited about?

Free Resource LIbrary for Busy Homemakers


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