Save Yourself The Trouble …

This was the scene a few months back, at the house we were renting.  I was at the other end of the house when I heard a loud “Boom”.  I figured Jack had jumped off yet another piece of furniture.

When I did not hear footsteps or kids talking, I went to check it out.  What I found was two kids quietly, and appropriately, watching television.  Both were honestly innocent as to the cause of the sound. (Yes, mom can tell when you are not being truthful, no matter how much you try.)

Knowing I did not make up the noise, I investigated further.

Seeing that everything inside the house looked normal, I opened the back door.  And this is what I saw.  The tree top actually brushed along the windows to our rental house, while the base was in the neighbor’s back yard.

I did a quick check of the inside for damage, did a visual inspection of the roof, gave our rental company a call, then knocked on the neighbor’s door.

The kids thought it was fun and ran out to climb on the limbs.  It was a great activity till I began hearing the deep rumblings of thunder and had to cut the fun short.


Do you see where the tree used to be standing?  Did you notice a lack of a root ball?  This tree actually fell over right at the root collar, which is not an uncommon event for these trees.

Not only do they have a weak limb structure, due to the angle of the branches coming off the trunk, but they are not known for strong bases.

My recommendation?  Find a different tree to plant. There are options which will last longer and cause fewer headaches.

These trees also cross pollinate with native trees, creating a hybrid which is very difficult to eradicate.

So, please, go native.  Save us all a hassle while creating something which will last many years.

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