Milk it as much as you can…

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Well, I’m back.

I think.

In case you stopped by earlier this week (or last) and saw the posts, they were ones already scheduled to post.  I felt kind of like an impostor, telling you I was not going to be here, then having a few things planned to go up anyway.  Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the Lowe’s gift card offer, if that was something you were needing already.

Why the break?  Well, a few weeks back I had surgery. It was out-patient, but surgery all the same.

Pretty good reason, right?

In my head all I needed were 3 or 4 days before I would be back to feeling like my old self.  In some ways that was correct – the pain was very tolerable (thankfully), more of a stiffness than true pain.  Sure, there was a bit of soreness, but nothing moving slowly could not overcome.

While I tried to follow the Doctor’s orders – “Milk it as much as you can.  Sit back and let everyone else do things for you.” – apparently I did not follow it well enough.

Right as I was feeling like I was ready to get back to life as it had been earlier in the week, my body said, “Nope, sorry.  You need another week of slowing waaaaay down. You need to find a way to relax and let go of most of what you normally do in a day.”  This included being able to sit up, sleep normally, etc.

After ruling out low iron, internal stitches having come loose, low blood volume, and a few other things, I realized it could simply be stress.  While I felt like I had been handling the stress of moving, finding a new house/school/church/people/car/routines, and all the other changes happening, apparently that was not the case.

My body typically does not respond this way; in the past it has been associated with adding new foster kids.  However, once I knew what was happening (stress) I knew how to go about treating it.

breakfast sandwich tea

You need to find a way to relax!

While I can not go running or work in the garden right now, I can sit on the back deck.

For hours. And hours.  And hours.

I can listen to the birds sing before the sun comes up and (watch the kids) play there in the afternoon.  I knew being in the out-of-doors lowered stress levels, though I had never so obviously felt that fact till this past week.  I would walk inside and feel bad within 5 minutes.  I would walk back outside and feel better almost immediately.

Thankfully, my parents were able to come down for several days and help out around the house.  After all, I had not planned for that much down time.

And so, while I had planned ahead a few blog posts, I did not have enough finished up to cover the extra week (or two) of taking it easy.

Even now I am not fully back to my normal self, but I am learning not to push too hard and am improving day by day.  I am also learning that my kids’ dish washing skills are greatly lacking, hence the daily practice they now receive.

Here is a quick up-close photo of the Azalea bush blooms in our yard.  While this is not a bush I would normally chose to plant, that does not mean I should not enjoy the beauty if does bring a few weeks each year.

Azalea bush pink flower



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