It is snow much fun to earn money, snuggled under a warm blanket

This post contains affiliate links. No shoveling of snow required.

Recently I participated in Swagbucks Team Challenge.  While I was no where near one of the top earners, and our team actually came in last, I was able to learn a lot from others on the team.  The encouragement was great, with a lot of positive talk happening in the chat box at the bottom of the page.  For me, that was the real prize of the whole experience.

Since that time, I have been using my new found knowledge to seek out various ways to earn point, called SB.  These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.

This past week and a half, I have tried to be more diligent in participating in activities that, while they are worth fewer points, do not require as much focused attention on my part.  This has worked well for this time in my schedule.  With the Christmas holiday, my husband being home during the day, both kids being off school, traveling three days round-trip back to our old house to pick up the last of our things, and starting up home school again this week, I have still been able to earn 398 SB (with 42 more pending), the equivalent to almost $4.  This may not sound like a lot, but it really does add up.

Assuming I keep doing what I have been, even while being gone for three days and having a major holiday, at the end of the month I would have earned $17 in gift cards or PayPal money.

10 Days – 3 Days traveling = 7 days

30 days in a month / 7 days = 4.28 7-day-periods * $4 per 7-day-period = $17.12

However, I know it could easily be $25, due to bonuses earned from reaching daily goals and spending a few more minutes taking a survey. (Which is exactly what I did last night while waiting for the kids to fall asleep.  Jack still needs someone nearby to feel safe enough to fall asleep in his room, so I sit in the hallway. Why not get paid for my time doing so?)

Then there are the collector bills.  They sure do make the snow look fun, do they not?

One of my favorite things about using Swagbucks (okay, there are a lot of favorite things) is that I can get rewards for searching the web through their search engine. Every now and then they have “Collector’s Bills” worth bonus SB points that you can collect by simply searching the web. Collect them all, and you get an SB Bonus! Once you’ve collected enough SB, you can redeem them for gift cards to stores like Walmart, Target, and many more!

Here’s all the information for this week’s Snow Much Fun Collector’s Bills:
Search the web through the Swagbucks search starting Monday, January 2nd through Sunday, January 8th, and when you get a search win, you may get a special Collector’s Bill valued at either:

  • 5 SB
  • 7 SB
  • 9 SB
  • 11 SB
  • 16 SB
  • 22 SB

When you get a Collector’s Bill you’ll receive the value of the bill and the bill will be added to your “Collector’s Bills” ledger. Collect all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll instantly earn a 20 SB Bonus!

Keep searching til you find them all!

So far I have collected the 9 SB bill.  It was a great surprise when I entered my search term and earned money for doing so.  I love it.

Sign up through the link here to get a 300 SB bonus when you earn 300 SB this month, if you are a new member.  If you do the math, that is a great return on investment; much better than any bank can give you right now.


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