Frugal Kids’ Clothes Shopping Is Made Easy

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Finding affordable kids clothes is always a challenge I enjoy facing.  Well, that is until one kids decides to grow 3 shoe sizes in a month!  Other than that, I feel like I have kept a fairly good handle on our clothing budget.

When the kids were little and we were needing to create a whole new wardrobe for the summer, we were blessed to find a local second hand store (whose proceeds went to help support a women’s shelter) running a $5 bag sale.  For less than $20 I was able to put together wardrobes for both kids.

Those were the days.  Today, I doubt I could get four pairs of pants for George in those shopping bags. The kid is growing!

Many of those same initial items were passed along to other families with little boys, as I knew the challenge of finding appropriate clothing at a reasonable price.  That particular thrift store no longer holds that wonderful deal during the summer months, so I have had to look other places.

Most of the clothes my kids have out grown were passed along before our move.  However, Jack is in a sort of odd size right now.  He can wear some 6’s, most 7’s, and some 8’s.  Within the past few weeks I have noticed he is finally out of the 6’s, or should be.  It does not matter here at home if his pants are a little short, so I had not taken the time to look through them.

A few weeks ago I met a mom at Jack’s P.E. class.  I had seen her the week before, but did not have the time to stop and say hi.  However, the second week, not only did I take the time to intentionally go sit by her, but I also actually talked to her.

By the end of our conversation I had found a new home for all the out-grown clothes we have hanging around our house; a few I am not sure how they made the move with us.  With 3 boys of her own, the age of my kids or younger, this particular mom was thankful for any clothes we were willing to pass along.

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While going through clothes to pass along, I realized that Jack has entered a size which George apparently went through during summer months.  Now I have few choices:

  1. Have Jack wear pants in the size he is currently growing out of.
  2. Have Jack rotate between the new pairs of pants he does have in the size he is growing into.
  3. Find new pants at a decent price at local stores.
  4. Find second-hand pants at a thrift store near us.
  5. Look online.

While #1 and #2 are not bad options, especially since I found 2-3 more pair this morning in the size he is growing into, they may  not make it through the winter if he keeps being rough on the knees.

#3 is not an option.  Not only would I have to take him shopping with me, but … I would have to take him shopping with me in a large, colorful, florescent lit store with music blaring over the speakers.  Oh, and the price.  The ROI (return on investment) for me is not great enough to warrant paying those prices.  Maybe if there was a sale….. no, not even then.  Even if my  husband watched the kids, that would put me shopping on a weekend.  I HATE shopping on a weekend.  There are so. many. people.

#4 I could probably pull off during his P.E. time, though I personally need to be looking for pants for myself.

Option #5 is by far my favorite option at this time.  This is especially true when I see things like this appear in my inbox:
For two days only, 1000s of items have dropped to only $3 at! Offer is valid December 20th-21st.

A few weeks ago I had gone to to look for clothes for George.  He has slowly sneaked up in sizes; it may have something to do with the 10 lbs he gained this past month.  My Mommy Radar is thinking another growth spurt is just over the horizon.

The bin of clothes for the next 2-4 sizes for him do contain some pants, though not near enough to clothe him appropriately for school.  I was happy to find the few extra pants for the size he is growing into, meaning I could throw away the ones in which he has recently created holes.  Making holes is a specialty of his.

I will for sure be going back and checking Schoola out today or tomorrow.

We have always been pleased with the quality of clothes from Schoola.  Their descriptions online have been honest and accurate.  The kids love ‘shopping’ with me and opening the box when it is delivered to our house.  No florescent light filled, music blaring stores required.

Don’t forget Free shipping on all orders over $25 at