How I saved 40% on my Amazon order at 3 in the morning

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It is 3 a.m. and I am awake.  Obviously.

Nope. There are no kids up right now.

But there was one about an hour ago.

He decided it was his destiny to wake me up from my nice nap on the couch.  The one where I was blissfully unaware of anything except my restorative trip through Dream Land.  Yes that ‘nap’.

Why did he wake me up? So I could go to my room and go to bed.  Seems the forces of the Sleep World are not in line if I am in a deep sleep anywhere but my bed.  Forget that I was just fine, thank  you very much, where I was, or that it was he who needed to get back to sleep at that particular moment.

Does it count that my husband, a.k.a. Dad, is a perfectly competent adult, able to perform nightly guard duty over bad dreams and other sorts of “guard duty” duties? Does it count that he was sound asleep, snoring away in our bed 2 feet from the blankets on the floor where said child would end up sleeping? Nope.  Remnants of past trauma do not work that way.

Apparently, said child only feels it safe to fall sleep if I am in my proper spot doing the proper things.  No variations.  You know, the very thing said child is not doing, namely sleeping.  Sleeping in ones own bed is preferred, but at 2-something in the morning I am not going to be picky about where they are choosing to sleep.   Especially if they are allowing me to sleep during the process.

Oh, the joys of parenting a small person who has issues with felt safety.  You can not reason your way out of it, yet you try because your normally wired brain can do some things even when mostly asleep.  Do not worry, said child’s mis-wired brain will not let you off the hook that easily; their persistence is stronger than your ability to immediately fall back asleep.  So up you get, thereby waking yourself up completely in the process, in order that your child can hopefully feel safe enough to go back to sleep for the next 4 – 5 hours.

Hmm. 4-5 hours. That is pretty much all the sleep you have gotten already. Ironic?

This is how it is now 3 a.m. and I am awake. Instead of asleep. Under a warm cover. Dreaming of a ‘new’ vehicle, which is what I was researching online when I so snugly fell asleep.

What is one to do in such instances?  Well, for starters, take advantage of Amazon’s great deal happening right now.  Get $10 off book purchases of $25, through November 29, 2016 at 02:59am EST.  At least there is a good side to all of this, right?

I referenced Jack’s booklist for Year 2 to see which books I still need to obtain.  Upside of being behind in school work – we have not gotten to these particular books yet.  Downside to moving – these were books I was going to request from our local library and not need to purchase.  At this point I am not even sure of exactly the best used book stores in our area to check for copies of what I need.  It is a good thing I have more than one money saving option available.

Using the promo code above and gift cards earned through Swagbucks, I was able to purchase 3 books (2 for this year and 1 for next) with $0 out of pocket.  Not bad for 3 a.m.  Apparently my brain is working some at this time of the morning.

My brain was also working well enough to test out the code on used books, sold by a third party sellers.  As I assumed, it did not work.  The code did work perfectly well on new books sold by Amazon.

I will let you know if my brain continues doing so well after the 8 a.m. meeting at George’s new school, followed by the meeting at the District Office for IEP and home school ‘stuff’, followed by calls to find new doctor’s to take the kids’ insurance.  Oh, and we need to … you know what, never mind.  Just thinking about it is making me tired enough, I think I can fall asleep again.  Maybe.

Whether you are looking for books for yourself or as potential gifts, do not wait took long to take advantage of this large coupon code.  There have been several deals lately which I told myself I would take advantage of after the kids were in bed.  Sadly, I fell asleep before remembering those codes and missed out on some great deals.  Do NOT follow my example, learn from my mistakes.  Your garden’s future may depend on it.