A Party For A Little Ornithologist’s Birthday

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It was decided – we were going to have a party George’s birthday.  Even though we were in the middle of finishing our home remodel and preparing to move.  It was not like I was doing anything else, or had any other details to plan.

After nixing the idea of renting out the school gym, again, we worked our way through ideas.  We lit upon a topic which not only reflected his personality, but which I could come up with themed activities and decorations. That last part was very important, as I also was not looking to spend $50-$100 on decorations and games.

The theme?  Birds.

To figure out where I should focus the limited budget, I asked George what he really wanted at his part.  George requested bird rings for cupcake toppings. His love of giving was showing through. 🙂

Personally, I am not a fan of these rings.  Often they get lost or broken within a day or two.  But that is what the birthday boy requested, so that is where I started.

Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were either Angry Birds, had bad reviews, or reviews said they were sized for adults.  I considered settling for woodland animal rings, but kept looking as they were not exactly matching up with our theme.

Doing some adjusting of search words, I did find some bookmark/photo clips that might have worked, but were not what I was really looking for.

Instead I found bird whistles.  Not exactly an items I would like to have a lot of in my house, but something that the kids would love. Given that the party was to be outdoors, having a loud party favor would not necessarily cause issues.  However, the reviews had me hestitant to order them.  I took way to long going back and forth on this one.

Then I found plastic bird stamps.  Hmmm. No whistling sounds in the car to drive parents crazy, thereby guaranteeing to never talk to me again.  This could work. The downside was the potential for them to be dried out by the time they arrived to me.

By this point I was tired, had spent too many hours searching online, changing search terms and following rabbit trails.  Then came a wonderful thought, “You know, erasers would have no issues of ink potentially being dried out, nor or making eardrum busting noises.” Another bonus was the great reviews.

I was 99% sure this was the route I was going to take.  My tired brain though listened to the doubt … and kept looking.

Plastic toy bird? Ach, but the shipping time is too far out.”

However, I had found a search term which had great results.  I kept looking, finding a set of 7 common birds with great reviews.  The worst reviews had to do with not have certain species or geographical areas represented.

The down side of this as party favors for potentially 20 kids, this would get expensive.

If you are looking to combine the love of birds with the love of legos, here is an ideal kit.

So, what did I go with?  The owl erasers as party favors and the TOOB of Backyard Birds as a birthday gift. Both were a hit.

The erasers were the large kind, making it very easy for kids (and moms) to hold them while actually having room to erase.  There were no worries about them being lost, and the scale on top of the cupcakes was perfect.

The TOOB of backyard birds did not come across as cheap looking, but instead had great detail and weight to them.  These birds are not overly large and were easy for smaller hands to handle and play with.

Now that the party favors were taken care of, I had to decide what to feed the kids and which games to play.

to be continued.birthday-theme-bird-cupcake

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