Learning to be in the know

red bicycle

When I was younger, I always had the thought in my head that I would adopt a kid. It was never a clear desire, no clear details, more of a picture of what my future held.  As time went on, I was even pretty sure these kids had been adopted from foster care.

In this picture, there was a field with a creek and kids playing happily until being called in for supper. Why, yes, the sun was shining as well. How did you know?

Then I grew up.

My husband and I, after we were married, moved to crowded east coast, to BIG town in a different state, to smaller big town in a different state, and finally to small, rural town in yet a different state. No field. No creek. And as it turns out, kids who have their own very clear and very not-what-mom-said-we-could-but-it-looks-so-FUN ideas.

Yup. Life has been and continues to be an adventure. At least it has not been boring.

Right now, my husband’s car is getting some routine work done, so he is driving my car to work. No problem, right? After all we live in town. A town that is basically a 1 square mile. It is not like we could not ride or walk to wherever we need to be.


To be continued


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