Farmer’s Market – 50 ideas


In a previous posts (here) the idea of selling items other than produce was talked about.  Now this could be in addition to or instead of produce.  It really depends on your market.  Sometimes you do not know what will fill a void till you try it.

Here are 50 ideas for adding value to your produce or expanding what you offer.

  1. Transplants – these could be of flowers or garden plants.  This would be a good idea for spring, before you actually have any produce to sell.
  2. Baked goods – check your local laws on this.
  3. Canned goods – check your local laws on this.
  4. Fresh food or drinks – check your local laws on this.  It could even be as simple as some premade sandwiches.
  5. Eggs
  6. Maple syrup or honey
  7. Basket of related produce – for example: ingredients to make salsa plus the recipe to do so.  Or you could do chutney, jam, flavored vinegars/oil, pickles, or tomato sauce themes.
  8. Pot holders
  9. Cloth shopping bags
  10. Cloth napkins
  11. Table clothes or table runners
  12. Embellished towels or hand towels for the kitchen
  13. Aprons
  14. Art work – paintings, photos, shadow boxes
  15. Lawn/yard ornaments
  16. Wind chimes
  17. Sun catchers
  18. Decorated pots – ones you have painted or embellished yourself
  19. Books related to what you are selling or gardening books in general
  20. Play music while sitting there – do not forget to leave your instrument case open. Not a good idea if there is an official band, though. Of course, make sure those in charge are okay with you playing and that you are actually good.
  21. Natural beauty items – body washes, soap, hand soap, lotions, etc.
  22. Blankets, quilts, afghans
  23. Worms for composting
  24. Bins already put together for vermiculture
  25. Worm castings
  26. Worm casting tea bags
  27. Compost bins
  28. Games – card games or board games.  Even better if they are garden/agriculture related.
  29. Bleacher cushions – for ball games
  30. Clothes pin bags – for use on your laundry line
  31. Fresh cut flowers
  32. Jewelry
  33. Bird or bat boxes
  34. Bird bath
  35. Bird feeder
  36. Mosaic tile garden tables or wall decor
  37. Garden bench
  38. Porch swings or cushions
  39. Cushions for kneeling on while working outside
  40. Potting bench
  41. Picnic tables – make sure you have the ability to transport these
  42. Rain barrels
  43. Trellises for flowers or plants to climb
  44. Knitted or crocheted items – hats, scarfs, toys
  45. Yarn – either homemade or dyed
  46. Candles
  47. Items with themed decor – such as pens with flowers on top, which are then wrapped in florist tape. Use your imagination
  48. Kid’s activity – face painting, make a craft while the parents shop, etc.
  49. Wooden games – ones played on porches, such as checkers
  50. Paper – make paper with items added in.  Items such as flower petals, grass, seeds, etc.