Garage Sale Review – good, bad, and surprisingly frustrating

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Hello! Yes, I am still here. No I have not forgotten about you. There were several nights I sat down to post something, only to fall asleep in the middle of a thought.  Not very productive that way.

It is now 3 in the afternoon and I am finishing up my (late) lunch while typing this out on my phone. I apologize now for the graphics. No fancy borders or watermarks, but I also shouldn’t fall asleep on you.



Here are some numbers from our 3 day garage sale:

* Saturday’s earnings contributed only 10% to our overall total. It was pretty much a waste of time.

* Thursday was the best day.

* Most of my items were priced at $1 or $0.25. The goal was to sell, not make lots of money.

* The fan with a broken clip sold, but not the small kids’ bike with training wheels.

* The two security system signs sold (we had that particular service 2 houses and about 10 years ago), but not the cute little black purse.

* The most requested item was tomatoes, and other fresh produce.  It seems my road side table has been noticeably missed by many in the community.

*Almost no kids clothes sold. The ones that did sell were not till Saturday late morning.

* After 6 days of carrying boxes up from our basement, pricing items, and holding the sale, I made less than my husband does in one day at work.

* We got rid of almost 2/3 of our items either by selling, giving, or throwing them away.

* My husband only ate lunch out one day. The other days were sandwiches at home.

* I am pretty sure I lost a few pounds along the way.

free sale by curb

From now on, I believe I will stick to our local online For Sale page or just give items away on a “Free” table by the curb. In all, after all the work, ignoring the house and kids, being tired and grumpy and hot, I made less than $5 an hour. That amount increases a bit if I would have skipped having a garage sale on Saturday altogether.

My husband said he would have just thrown everything in the trash. 🙂 For his time, it was very much NOT worth it. Myself, being one who wants to keep things out of the landfills and who does not work outside of the home, it would have meant:

  1. making many, many trips to Big Town with the kids and spending money on gas for the 1 hour round trip, to donate these items.
  2. Or I would have had a free sale over the course of the week to get rid of the items.

For me, it was better, in time and money, than the donating option.  However, it was a draw on the Free Sale option; it was worse time wise but better money wise.

Right now, though, I am going to focus on dishes and laundry … and something cold to drink.

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