Being thankful for the helpful maids we DO employ


At times I envied the owners of Downton Abby.  Yes, it is a fictional show, but who would not like to have others cook and clean for you, take care of your gardens and drive you around.  I could do without all the drama in life, but the rest sounds pretty good.

Taking step back and updating several of those roles into today’s terms, I realized that I have it better than I thought.  Yes, I may still have to put on my own clothes and actually do some work, but there are actually several “maids” employed in out home which make life easier.

breakfast collage bacon eggs hashbrowns coffee

This morning I woke up early thanks to my Lady’s Maid (the clock) letting me know the morning hour had come.  A child had shown up just after 5 a.m. with their own blanket in tow, wanting to lay on the floor next to our bed.  It was too cute to turn away, but meant I had to begin the day not in my proper attire.

Once I got the Scutlery Maid (dishwasher) underway, I moved on to motivate the Laundry Maid (washer and dryer) into finishing their duties.  With those two busy performing their duties, I was free to sit and write to some acquaintances for a bit (posting on the blog).

Once the correspondences are finished I will go over the menu with the Kitchen Maids (oven and slow cooker).  If all goes well we will be set for a nice, lazy, rainy day here at home.


On a sadder note, I had to let one of my chamber maids (vaccum cleaner) go this past week.  There have been issues in the past, but we had tried to work around our differences; it looked like we were making headway in coming to an understanding.  Unfortunately, it was not working out.  Smoking in the house is unacceptable and will not be tolerate.  This is one of the less desirable aspects of being the Lady of the house.

In addition to being down one chamber maid, I am also down one gardener (weed eater) as he decided to up and quit with no notice a few weeks back.  I am anticipating employing a new one in about two weeks and look forward to seeing the results of their work.

Life can be tedious when one has to manage a household, but we do the work in the roll to which we were placed.  For now, I am going to see what is keeping the coffee so long.  I believe the Under Kitchen Maid (coffee maker) was not woken up on time.