Freedom Does Not Come Cheap

JFK quote

Happy 4th of July.  Independence Day. The day we Americans celebrate the first 13 colonies, not even fully states yet, taking on another country and saying, “Enough! We have rights, too.” The Day we celebrate the final draft of the Declaration of Independence being approved by the Second Continental Congress.

Since then we have fought many wars and many have died.  Other have been ‘lucky’ to make it through, only to live life with wounds, both visible and invisible.

There are times we have fought amongst ourselves for the freedom to choose.

Then there were times we fought to help others gain or keep their freedoms.

Unfortunately there were even times in the past we fought to take what we viewed as belonging to us, which resulted in the loss of others’ freedoms.

We have not been perfect, but we keep doing the best we can at the moment.

Some think we have too many freedoms, others not enough.  What ever your political leaning, we can put them aside for at least one day to remember those who have fought so you can argue about them to your heart’s content the other 364 days a year.

When times come where it feels like your freedoms are slipping away, do not lay down and let other take them.  Fight. Speak up. Pray.  Do not give in.  While it might cost you something, it would cost others much more if you did nothing.