This Bites and Sucks Really Bad

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mosquito bites sucks

There are few physical traits I can brag about to my siblings.  I am several inches shorter than the next tallest, my hair is very straight, I do not tan well, I wear glasses, and have big front teeth (just ask my kids).  However, one of the things I really like, something I had no say so over, is the fact that bugs do not often bite me.

As someone who loves being outdoors, to the extent I even went to college for an outdoor job, this fact is very important. I am able to enjoy gardening and yard work in relative ease.

Sadly, this is not so for the rest of my family, biological and otherwise. Where I might swat one or two mosquitoes away, they devour my kids, leaving large welts behind. My husband seems to attract them from this county and the next one over; he can not get away from them. This becomes a problem (for me) when we are going camping, hiking, playing outside for the afternoon, or any other activity that requires one to interact with nature in above freezing temperatures. If left alone it results in whining, pleas for relief, and assurances that the person must surely be dying from their ‘war wounds’.

My old standby was a bottle of spray that works great. My husband did not like it. “Do you know what is in there? You are NOT putting that on our kids.” I insisted it worked and that was better than bites, but he really did not like that reasoning. So, I began looking into alternative methods.

I had heard adding sulfur to your diet works well. You sweat it out, creating your own repellent. I have always been interested in trying this method, but never enough to find a source of powered sulfur to add to my pb&j sandwiches.

So I kept using the “kid friendly” poison in a bottle, knowing that sometimes you have to chose the lesser of two evils, thereby also saving your sanity.

When I came across the BlizeTec Mosquito Bracelet I had hopes this might be an answer to my search. The bracelets claim to be “All Natural Non-Deet Wristband with Glow in The Dark Function.” I liked the first part and thought my kids would like the second half.  After all, who doesn’t like things that glow in the dark?

I ordered a pack of 5 and waited for our next outing.

As it turns out, the next outing involved sister and her son joining the kids and I for a hike.  As we also had a foster kid with us, the numbers worked out well.  Each kid received a bracelet, as did my sibling.  I was the “control group”, though in the end I wore one as well.

Upon opening the package, I noted the strong scent several other had mentioned in reviews left online.  It was not over powering, and somewhat reminiscent of a citronella candle.  The scent did stay around, though in less intense forms, as I noted it later in the day and the next morning.

I passed out the BlizeTec Mosquito Bracelets, one color per kid.  There was enough variety for everyone to find a color they liked.

blizetec wristband hiking kids

The first problem appeared within a few minutes.  We had not even started down the trail and already one kid complained of it falling off.  We moved it higher up his arm. Nope, did not work.  “How about around your ankle?”  One kid took us up on the offer, while another eventually just gave it to me to hold, then went on with life.

The bracelet fit both of us adults, which may be who they are targeting.  There was some give in the material, which would help if you have thick wrists.

In the end, I am not sure how much these helped.  I think for now we will stick with the patches we had been using, though I really like the idea of a wristband. It was easy to get on and off, something we have had issues with concerning the patch.

And yes, it did glow.  Turns out it was just enough for George to find his in the camper when he dropped it that night.


This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.