Need An Evil Tie For Your Darth Vader? Swagbucks Can Help.

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What does dad want for Father’s Day? Well, fun facts, of course! Check out these cool facts from a survey of moms and dads, and then swing by Swagbucks to pick out your gift from his favorite stores!

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  • Living Social – 4 SB per $1
And many, many more!
Infographics like the one above are always interesting to me.  I know they are based on research, surveys, and such.  Looking them over I can not help but compare the fathers I know in my life (mainly my dad and my husband) to the answers given.
Then I get towards the end and realize just how fun they can be.
What I gained from this was a very important point – The guy in your life this father’s day is unique.  Whether he be like Tim The Tool Man Taylor or Darth Vader, he is one of a kind.  How you choose to celebrate it should be as unique as his personality.  So, do not worry so much about making it perfect, but just remembering to say “Thank You” in one way or the other.
In case you are unsure of the kid’s gift or yours, if you choose to give one, I am sure even Darth Vader has an occasion to wear a tie.  (No judging here.  I have given my fair share over the years.)