Free $20 and 60% savings at Schoola’s Memorial Day Sale

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Schoola has been a sanity saver for me these past few years.  I may only have two kids, but they are active, needy, growing by leaps at a time, full-of-life-and-lovin’-it kids.  Clothes shopping while not breaking the bank has always a hard thing to do.

Shopping at thrift stores was not always an option, as there was too much to overwhelm the kids and too many access to toys.  Leaving them with my husband was not always an option, as he was still in school and often had homework or group projects.  The option of a babysitter negated any savings I may have gotten.  Yard sales worked sometimes, though I had to make sure I was always within sight of the kids least they get anxious or try something unexpected. (Boy can they think up ‘unexpected’ things to do!)

When I learned I could shop online at Schoola for quality items AND save money, I was doubtful as to the quality of the items and how much I really could save.  As I learned, my doubts were misplaced.  I have been nothing but happy with their items.  My kids would much rather come look at selections I have pulled up for them and ‘shop’ for things they like.  We save on gas, time, and everyone’s sanity.

Right now not only can you save up to 60% off, but you can also earn $20 on your first purchase.  Then tell all your friends and earn $20 when they make their first purchase.  Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.