Hark, Hark! the Lark? Not quite.

Hark, Hark! the Lark may be a great poem. We read it for our Poem of the Day earlier this week.  It is definitely better than Screech, Screech! the European Starling that is happening right now in our attic.

These wonderfully annoying, invasive birds found a hole (made by a squirrel?) in our soffet, pulled out newly installed insulation, and built a nest. Isn’t nature wonderful?

The baby birds are bigger now and louder.  At this moment they are adamantly demanding food.

Due to where they are, their calls are echoing down our stairway.


Turns out, it was so loud because a young bird was sitting at the top of the stairway. Let it not be said that my kids have had a boring childhood. A game of “Catch the bird without scaring it; we do not need bird poop on the new carpet” is a rousing way to spend your morning.

Sorry, no photos. Maybe next time. After all, there are more young ones in the nest still.

The next adventure awaits my husband – climbing up and over the roof to cover the hole.  If I tried it, I am pretty sure Jack would try to follow me. It would result in this conversation:

“Yes, Doctor, my 7 year old was on top of a two story roof and thought the valley between the roofs would make a wonderful slide down into the sandbox. No, I did not tell him he could follow me up there. Yes, I told him to stay off the ladder. No, he did not know think about the 13’+ dropped before landing 5′ shy of the sandbox.”