Enjoying the (not so) simple accomplishments

Rain is pattering on the roof. Thunder from an incoming storm cloud rolls its call.  I am thankful for no leaking roof or worries about whether tarps are keeping the rain out. This has been our reality the past several years.

What I am doing is running my toes across new carpet. Laying on it, stretching out kinks from the previous day.  IMG_20160508_070506160

See, it is not just carpeting, it is the accomplishment of so many other things.  This room, and others, is built. There is electricity, insulation, drywall, HVAC, light fixtures, and a lack of old carpet and padding.

Each of these steps took time, much more than we anticipated. They also took learning to understand new terms and aspects, seeking out information and resources, frustration, making decisions, and trusting others.


Of course, we can not forget the paint. Oh so much paint. Each area took primer plus two coats, some after having wallpaper removed and rough places patched. The ceilings also had to be done with the same 3 layers. Many sore neck and arm muscles, as well as blisters, have resulted from these efforts.

(The photo at the top – both walls are the same color, but the light is hitting them differently. Later in the day it will look different yet again.  The closet is actually a lighter color than the walls of the room. However, it looks like another play on light, making it blend in well. Do not be afraid of using more than one color in a room. It could be the easiest solution for a dark corner, or closet.)

Now, I sit here, enjoying the softness of carpet. I had forgotten how nice it is, years of hardwood floors can do that to you.  Such a simple pleasure, one I may have missed if not for personally experiencing the journey to reach this point.

As you go about your day, I encourage you to pay attention to those simple pleasures in life. Whether it took many steps to make them possible, or little delights you add easily, without really thinking about them. Life is filled with so many little delights every day. Do not let them go unnoticed while waiting anxiously for the rarer, grander pleasures that come your way.

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