Pray Without Ceasing

What a week this has been! Yes, an exclamation mark is needed.  A rough week emotionally.  So much so, that even though I have a list of blog posts outlined to share with you on gardening, I can’t get them written out.  Instead this is what is going through my head, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus“.

This is a hymn I grew up singing, though one I am not sure I have heard our current church use.  It was playing at Cracker Barrel, of all places, on Sunday as we were headed back home.  My husband said he did not know it.  As soon as it started, I knew this was the exact prayer I should have been praying for the 4 days following.  Yes, it was that rough of a weekend and this week as continued along that path.

I may at some point get to where I can share all the details, for now I am still too emotionally raw about it.  I will share  a small sampling, so you can get a feel for what I am meaning.

A part of my week involved a lady following us out of a grocery store, yelling accusations at me across the parking lot.  I am still shaken up by it, doubting myself yet knowing I did nothing wrong.  I am also grateful for the other patrons who went out of their way, stopping their car and getting out to stand up for me.  Less than christian words were exchanged by those other two parties, but no fight ensued, thankfully. I really thought there would be one.

By the time I was done dealing with what I needed to deal with, all other parties involved were gone. I have no idea who the people who stopped to help me were, and no way to thank them.  But I am thankful.

Take it to the Lord in prayer ….

Pray without ceasing.”  The singing of hymns is one way I have found to do this. Because of this habit I am very much in favor of teaching our kids hymns, as many as possible.

I plan to be at home for the next week, leaving to go to church, a quick trip to Small Town grocery, and maybe the library in Big Town.  Time at home, though, is what I am craving. That and a large dose of calm.  No more crazy welcome, thank you very much.