Simple Joys In Life – a game of tag with cousins


What to do with four boys, ages 6-8, who have been insde all day and are ready to drive everyone crazy? Send them outside of course.

The cold, misting rain had stopped and supper was eaten. Pottys breaks had and coats put on. Out the door they ran. Bird feeders were visited, a slow-to-move bird was observed, and a pail was picked up.

A quick tap and “You’re It” is all it took for a 30 minute game of tag to ensue. It would have kept going but for the signs of future wars appearing on the horizon.

The council of 4 Boys and a Girl then convened by the swing to tell stories, laugh at jokes containing bodily sounds, and learn to implement Brotherly Love to those you are not particularly feeling love towards right at the moment.

Sounds of anquish at having to return to the confines of indoors were made quieter by the promise of cake and ice cream.

Some building time, teeth brushing, PJ adornment, and a wonderfully drawn out bed time story led to the end result.  I now sit here listening to the night time sounds of the country, along with music mothers like to hear – snoring of little heads in bed.

I am just as exhausted and plan to join them in The Land of Mod very soon.  Night.

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