Mirror Glue?

1450541470242-1576262166My kids are rough on toys. They are getting better, though we still are not the house for “be gentle” things.

George got this suitcase at an auction, paying with his own money. He was so happy. My hope was that these two things would lead to it lasting a long time, you know, like about 6 months.

It has been well played with this past month, and the source of a few arguments. It has held cars, secrets, stuffed animals and the makings of a ‘trip’.

This morning Jack comes into the kitchen while I am cooking breakfast. “Mom, is there such a thing as mirror glue?”

No,” I replied, not really paying attention.

“Does super glue work on mirrors?” His inquisitive mind honestly wanted to know.

Now, my attention has been gotten. “No, but great thinking. Why do you ask?”

“The mirror fell out of the case.”

(Sigh) Crisis averted. “I’ll come look when I finish here.”

“Okay, I’ll tell George.  He wants to drill holes in different pieces for a project.”

I turn off the stove immediately.  Crisis back on. “Let’s go look.”

Once I get to the playroom I find George sitting cross legged in front of the suitcase. Lap full of broken pieces of mirror. Playing with them!  “Sweety, put down the pieces.” Wow, I have a great calm voice.

“Why?” … seriously?! What is up with this response.

“Broken pieces of mirror are sharper than knives.” Thankfully that got his attention and he put them down carefully.


I noticed the little ‘glitter’ sparkles on the floor. Yippee, more fun! George got brushed off and all kids sent out of room. A wet paper towel later (after breakfast) and all was safe again.

Behind the mirror was an old advertisement with a date of February 1953.  This cute case lasted 62 years in someone else’s house. It took my kids all of 1 month to break it.

That is a great example of why we try not to buy the cheap plastic toys, nor pay full price if avoidable.

One more lesson down, millions more to go.