Little By Little


After a week’s break from painting, I’m back at it.  I think Jack and I were both tired of being apart for so long. Solution?  I set up a video watching station in the closet. 🙂

This actually kills several birds with one stone. 1. I get to preview the videos, to make sure they are still in good shape, before passing them along to someone else.  2. Jack and I are within conversation distance. 3. It does not use up our limited bandwidth. 4. I can make sure he is watching something appropriate. 5. He can do some school work in this setting later.

As for that last one, I think he is tired of the light school schedule I have been giving him – Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, Wild Krats/Super Why/Leap Frog/Mighty Machines videos, and puzzels.  He mentioned it this morning, so we’ll start getting back into the full swing g if things soon.

I called the electrician today, saying we would be ready for them next week.  All the painting won’t be done, but enough that they can come finish their work.

There is still a small pile of woodchips and 3-4 buckets of coffee grounds that need to go on the garden beds. Well, after I clear off the old plants from this past year.

We are expecting warmer weather next week. Once I have the ceilings painted, I am going to take a day to put the garden to bed for the winter.  This step has never been done so late in the year before. On a positive note, it isn’t planting season yet.

Little by little things are getting back to where I want them around the house. There is still a long way to go, but by Spring I hope to be able to focus more on gardening again.  I’m even getting excited about starting seeds, an activity whose idea only produced a feeling of dread and inadequacy last year.

Are you beginning to think of next year’s garden, or still recuperating from this past season?