Weekly Goals – June 24, 2012

1. Divide and replant aloe plants

2. Take clothes to consignment store – They accepted all but half of a paper sack.  I took in two full ones, with toys, clothes and books.

3. Make a call for a quote on siding They were supposed to come out and measure, but then it rained.  I expect them to come back sometime this week.

4. Make a list of people I want to send cards to, and their addresses.  Mail a card to the first person on the list.

5. Try a new recipe – a strawberry soup of sorts; I’ll let you know how it goes

6. Water garden and potted plants more frequently; the heat is starting to get to them

7. Read with the kids 10 minutes every day  We made it to a local library and signed up for their summer reading program.  I found it helpful, and motivational, to post the paper on the wall and mark down when I have read to them. 

8. Make three freezer meals, including multiples of the one recipe – I did two, but then we ate one.  Sort of counter productive, but it was used on a night when we needed a quick meal.


For this coming week, my goal is to finish up the unaccomplished goals above. 

With the heat, I really need to make sure to water frequently. 

Yesterday, we stopped by a coffee shop on the way home.  Their “Grounds for your Garden” bucket was empty, so I asked.  I was surprised when the gentleman behind the counter came out with a with the equivalent of a full grocery sack worth of grounds.  Apparently when he said, “We probably have some in our machines” meant more than what I would have in my coffee maker at home.  My garden will be so happy here in an hour or so.