Count Your Blessings – November 23, 2015

Count Your Blessings

Last week I made painting a priority, to the detriment of posting here.  And housework. And yard work. And anything past basic meals.

What was accomplished was all of the priming, 90% of the garage (half the ceiling needs painted), and the ceiling in another room.  That leaves one whole room and the stairways to paint.  At this point I am focusing on the ceilings first, so the electricians can come finish their work.  I was able to talk to the HVAC person who made my life easier by saying, “Let me know when the electricians can come out and I will do my best to be there, baring any other meetings I have to be in.”

Once all the painting, and accompanying de-wallpapering, is completed we can look at putting in flooring.  Yes, we will still need doors, baseboard and handrails, but at that point it will feel like it is actually able to be used.  Doors?  Who needs a door?

Home improvement work is such a constant in my life right now, it is not surprise that a lot of my blessings reflect that reality.

  1. When I realized last week that the 4 gallons of paint I was planning to use on the ceilings and some walls was of such poor quality as to not even be an option, I started to see $$ signs.  Finding almost 3 gallons of appropriately tinted paint in the basement was a huge blessing (and cost savings).
  2. Adding to the previous thanks giving, I have several gallons of paint left over from redoing my bedroom closet.  That particular 5 gallons of paint was already marked down at the time, so it was a savings then and now.  There should be enough to do two coats on the ‘old’ upstairs room.
  3. I was ever so thankful, and made sure to mention it several times, that Jack was able to do his (simplified) school work without too much fanfare, fairly independently AND then entertain himself while I painted.  Sometimes he was in the room with me, sometimes he watched t.v., and sometimes he was building things elsewhere.  He has come a long way in this area.  A year ago I would not have let him out of sight as he would have been straight out the door going who knows where.  Having this extra time with him each day is really paying off.
  4. A call from a friend whom I have not seen nearly enough this past year, even though she lives right next door, reminded me of what a blessing she has been.  If it was not for her, I would have gone a few years without a friend after moving here.  It is because of her that I know so many people in Small Town, and how they are related.  🙂
  5. Friends can be hard to make when you are new to a place.  I tried several times without huge success.  My newest friend is also a transplant to Small Town and someone whom, when we first met, I did not think I would get along.  Turns out we have a lot in common, even if that also means we have a lot of differences.  She gets my sarcasm and I get hers.  Her oldest is a year younger than Jack and just as boy-ish.
  6. The sun shining through the window right now, though blinding me, reminds me of the blessing it brings.  If in doubt, ask anyone in the Midwest come February.  Sundshine really can affect your mood.
  7. The light song of the bird outside.  Though there is snow turning to mud, there is still beauty to be found.
  8. My hope is to reuse some of the old doors found in our basement.  I am not sure which previous owner decided to start the collection, but it is something I am been thankful for several times in the past as we have found doors to reuse thoughout the house.  There is one door in particular, an old exterior door I believe, that I am hoping to reuse inside.  It has a glass pain to that needs replacing and some painting or staining.  The first I will need to find someone to do or add to my skill set.  The second step I am fairly confident I can accomplish.
  9. Peanut butter chocolate shakes.  So simple yet so yummy.
  10. It may seem like an odd thing to think of right now, with still so much to do around here and outside, but it is there.  I am thankful for the hope that a new year brings, gardening wise I mean.  I may have not been able to focus a lot of my energy this past year on the garden or the yard, I was able to do several things.  It does not have to be done perfect, you only need to do something.  I have found that movement begat movement.  A second step is easier to take than the first, as you already have momentum.  Next year will be easier because I took some first steps, albeit small ones, this  year.

What are some of the blessings and thanks givings you have in your life right now?  It may be as small as the bird singing outside your window or the sun shining through it, but there is always something there if you look.

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