My day is ruined


Things going wrong, continued (in reference to Facebook status last night):
Last night, the 4 gallons of free paint in my basement turned out to be too poor of paint to use on the ceilings, even the one in the garage.

“Great! Another $100 or so for paint and a trip to Big Town seem to be in the works for tomorrow.”

After a breath or two, I went down to the basement to see what leftover paint we had in the old paint corner. The hope was to mix a few light colored partial gallons to make an off-white mix. Instead I found almost 3 gallons of paint leftover from painting bedrooms. AND it is a brand I know will cover well.

Got up late this morning, about 5:45 a.M., and moved needed items in from the garage to upstairs. Quietly.


I set out to start painting a ceiling when I realized I had not primed the lower edge. Arg.  Maybe getting up late wasn’t the wirst thing that could happen today.

Atleast the primer was sitting right there … along with a partial gallons from the basement that I saw yesterday. 🙂 Bonus is the fact that dry time till I can top coat it is 1 hour instead of 8. That is basically after I get the day going and come back from dropping George off at school.

Maybe the day is not fully ruined.  Perhaps yard work is also in the near future for me, rather than staring out the window at it while I paint.

Please, Snow, hold off for another few weeks.