Sunday Afternoon Is Nap Time (S.A.I.N.T.)


Two hours into “nap time” I finally got smart and gave one kid, the one who prompted nap time by repeatedly throwing things into the front of the car when we were driving and hiding under tables in the restaurant at lunch, a quarter of a melatonin tablet, or about 1 mg.  It had been 2 hours of whining, tomato staking, kicking, trying to get up, yelling, and other fun things.  I was ready to give in, call it quits on “nap time”, but was too stubborn.

5 minutes later, this kid was OUT. Why did it take so long to think of this solution? Because I was exhausted and needed a nap, too.

So what about the other kid? The one who has gotten stuck so often today? Two example of being ‘stuck’ for your reference: 1. He didn’t want to stand in church for a song till it was time to sit down, 3 songs later, then insisted on standing half bent over. 2. He wanted to put money in the offering plate, but couldn’t seem to move to take it from my hand. Just stared at it. Then just about lost it when I put it back in my purse because that part of the service was over.

Well, he decided to play and open doors and kept coming out. About 3 hours into “nap time”, which I am thinking was poorly named, I finally got up and took every toy away.  He isn’t even supposed to have any in his bedroom. I had kept hoping he would just go to sleep. Or that I would and could pretend like it wasn’t happening.

I tried to be logical, “Nap time can not be over if you never TOOK a nap to begin with.”

“But how much longer?” The voiced whined back.

Now, this is a loaded question. No right answer. Everything will result in backtalk and a tantrum once he is at this stage. His brain is frozen, stuck, and can’t seem to move.  I had tried to be vague for this very reason, which obviously had not worked up to this point.

“30 minutes.” I flippantly said.

“What?! 30 minutes?! That’s forever. I’m not going to do it …” And more that I will save you from experiencing.

“Fine! 3 hours. Now lay down.” Apparently 3 hours sounded shorter than 30 minutes because he laid down and is asleep now, I believe. I’m not going to actually check. Don’t wake a sleeping baby. Or a kid who just had an emotionally meltdown.

As for me, how much sleep did I get? Great question. You probably guessed it. That’s right, Zilch. For bonus points, I now have a headache, too.

So … what’s for supper?  I vote ice cream and coffee. Any takers?