Rolling With It


Up since 4 a.m.  Good Morning! Wish I had the coffee above to start my day.  Instead I had old work clothes and a cold room.  Maybe I will get some of the coffee tonight; we have several great mixes here at the house.

Found the Ghost in our house – a window that looked closed was actually open a smidge, causing a moaning sound as the wind passed between the upper and lower parts.  That was quickly corrected.

Listened to several Market Place Money and TED Radio Hour pod casts.  Really enjoyed, though that is not the best word, the episode called “Headspace”.  As someone who has had multiple friends and family members deal with depression, I appreciated the further delving into some of the science surrounding it.  Here it is if you find yourself with some extra time to listen.

Finished painting walls and ceiling with primer in 300+ square foot room and stairway.  I got a lot of painting done in those first 2 hours of my day. 🙂

Unloaded dishwasher. Reloaded it (with dirty dishes from last night) and ran the new load.

Dropped car off at mechanics for brake repairs.

Dropped husband off at work and son off at school.

Got a call that there is an issue with my car and it will have to stay in the shop till the part come in tomorrow.  I would not feel bad about this, except it is literally stuck on the lift of the mechanic.  Who is a friend and whom I know has other cars waiting to have work completed.  Of course, my husband’s car was supposed to go in after mine, but it can wait another few days.

Made a from scratch lunch. (Contrary to the picture below, there was no wine involved in this meal.)

Measuring items for cooking

Then within a 5 minute stretch:

Lunch finished.

Sold a book online.  Found issue with book before sending it. (Small issue, but one I want to correct before selling it.)  Got flustered and canceled the order.  Then realized I should not have done that and got flustered even further.  {sigh}  I do not always like learning opportunities.

Got a call about a (foster) kid who needs a place to go, someone right between George and Jack’s ages.  Due to issues, this kid would need their own room I suspect.  Our extra room at the moment needs painting, a door, and electricity restored to it. We are not the place for this kid.  I was in no way tempted to say yes.  We would have caused more trauma than help in this case.

unpainted stairway collage

I sent my husband back to work with his car, found George a ride home from school and have a plan to engage Jack’s mind while I tackle the garage.

My big goal for the day is to finish priming the garage.  It is about 40% done.  All that is left are the flat surfaces, which go fairly quick once I get going.

This is not the way I saw today going at all, but sometimes you just have to roll with it.  (Painting pun unintended.)

And the day is not yet over.

With only one car, we had to rearrange some activities that were to take place tonight.  It also will change tomorrow’s plans a bit, as my husband is taking the day off of work.

Being down to one car is not something about which I will be complaining.

  • We have a roof on the house that does not leak and a garage to keep the wind from finding its way under the kitchen door.
  • Most of the drafts in the house have been blocked, which is great as it is gusting something awful outside.
  • My car works, apart from the fact that the brakes are currently locked up while on a lift in the mechanic’s shop.
  • Even with the added cost of parts, we will be able to afford the repairs on the car.
  • I have friends who are willing to help with getting my kid home.
  • Jack is in a great mood today which allows me to focus on painting. (This is a HUGE thanksgiving, as this time last year it was very different.  Those were the days where a good day meant no call or note home from school and only yelling at me, no hitting me or others, for the hours he was here.)
  • We have food in the house with which to cook.

I could keep going, but have already been on here long enough.  Before my afternoon completely disappears I am going to grab a bit of chocolate and get back to painting.  You never know what tomorrow may hold, but I am going to try my best to make the most of today.