21 Days To A More Disciplined Life – Day 3

Last night, the last thing I wanted to do was finish loading the dishwasher.  I had every excuse, one of them being the fact that my back was really sore.  I did stretches.  I laid on the floor.  I did more stretching.  Nothing seemed to help.  So I took some medicine, laid on the floor a bit more, then decided to just get it done.  If my back hurt while not doing anything, it may as well hurt while I was being productive.  Silly back.

Please forgive the bad photo below.  It was late, the only light on was above the counter, and I was too tired to play around with the other lights in the room to get the right effect.  Right after this I went to bed.

What I do want you to notice is that not only is the dishwasher on (and running), but the counter above it is also cleared off.  I really had all intentions of only loading the dishwasher and calling it a night.  What happened, though, was what often happens in this situation – I couldn’t stop.

As I cleared the dishes off the counter and loaded them, I came across an empty bottle that needed to be thrown away.  Then another bottle that went into the cabinet.  Some peppers that needed to go into the fridge were next.  By the time these little, quick things were done I realized that there really were not that many more pans, measuring spoons, and other items left to wash by hand.  “I may as well do those, too.  It won’t take that long.”  And it didn’t.

Now I am on the other end.  In order to run a load dishes in the washer tonight, it has to be emptied this morning.  As the day goes along, dishes will be added to it.  Hopefully the counter will stay clear of clutter that always seems to collect with even a few dishes sitting on it.

This habit, of running the dishwasher at night, is at least two-fold.  Not only do the dishes need to be in there and the washer turned on at night, it also needs to be unloaded in the mornings.  Previously this was one of the kids’ jobs.  With no washer working, that job left the rotation.  (Come to think of it, all jobs left the rotation when that happened.  Hmm.)

In 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life, Crystal encourages her readers to find a bad habit to change or a good habit to start.  This habit should be something that is a life hack, that will boost your energy due mostly to how it makes you feel.  The morning unloading of the dishwasher is something I want to keep up with and have the boys start helping me with again.  This will mean we have items ready for use and a dishwasher ready to be loaded.

Farm Market Swap collageFor yesterdays step toward my Mega Project I wanted to wipe down the walls and ceiling of the stairways.  It was right before supper before I finally was able to do it, but do it I did.  It did not take that long, but did leave another layer of dust on the kitchen floor like I thought it would.  A quick wipe with a damp rag got up the majority of it.  

Today is a very busy day.  Soccer game this morning followed by the Farm Market Swap this afternoon.  I was not sure what my husband’s schedule would look like, so I arranged a babysitter for the kids.  At first I thought about not going to the Swap, then realized that I too was allowed to have fun and be around others.  Self deprivation is no way to live life or have a happy mom/wife.  We all need to be around friends at some point.

Once my husband found out, he decided to take advantage of this and finish up a paper he has due for one of the classes he is currently attending.  This will free up time later as a family.  As of late Saturdays have meant he would go study at a library for a few hours and/or have a group meeting.  It is kind of ironic that the first Saturday where I want to go do something with other ladies, he has nothing he had to do.

With more out of home activities going on today, I am doing a smaller section of my Mega Project.  I want to continue on with prepping ceilings and walls for painting, though for today I aim to do the smaller landing area at the top of the stairs.  This ‘room’ has a new ceiling but only a small wall space.  It is probably the least square footage of all the areas needing done.

For now I am going to switch over the laundry, think about lunch plans, begin breakfast and perhaps set out items to make muffins later.  Oh, and I need to get in a shower this morning as I can feel drywall dust in my hair. And so the day begins.  🙂

How are you coming along?  Have you decided to join in and tackle some things around your place?  It does not have to be large or even contain a Mega Project.  Setting a goal to do some of the smaller things around your place will also have an impact.