My Over Flowing Ball Pit Needs To Be Emptied – 21 Days To a More Disciplined Life

Every morning I start the day feeling like I am trying to hold back the gates to a large ball pit.  You know, the ones kids love to jump into.  These balls were added one at a time, little by little.  It is now so full I fell like I spend a lot of my mental energy holding back the gates so we are not completely over whelmed.messy pantry

“I’ll do this when I have a bit more time.”projects to do collage“Oh, this would be fun.” Then I buy the materials, for later.
front porch floor“I really need to wash/paint/glue/nail/… this.  I’ll sit it here and get to it tomorrow.”  You know how that goes.
clutter collage
“This item goes down stairs but I am washing the dishes/cooking supper/doing school work/helping with homework/laundry/…  I’ll take it down next time I go.”

garage and basement collage

“This would be a great evening activity to do with George.” Then I forget about it.

One by one the balls have filled up my “pit” and are now threatening to overwhelm me.  This is how I feel every morning.  By night I am too tired, I tell myself, to do something.  And so the next day starts no better than the last.

Having several stressful things added to our life this past year has not helped.  If anything, it has only added in me making the ball pit fuller.  It has given me a ready excuse for not getting things done or keeping up on certain activities.  This has only made things harder, not easier.

Last week as I was in the depths of “oh woe is me”  I told myself that something needed to be done about it … tomorrow.

It took a few seconds for the reality of what I just said to register in my brain.  Then I laughed and decided to think on it as I did the dishes.

By the end of the last dish, utensil and counter needing washed, I had realized there was nothing new I needed to do.  What needed done was the same thing that had worked for me when I last felt this way.  This solution not only helped me get out of this slump, but also left me motivated to keep going with various activities.  It left me feeling re-energized.

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.

Crystal Paine wrote this book a few years ago, yet it is still one I think about when I am faced with our home, school, or other areas of life starting to get out of control.  Her method is simple but effective.

Next week I am going to again follow her book and conquer this beast that I am trying to hold back.  I am not doing this to procrastinate, but because I really do not have time today or tomorrow to start.  It will also give others who would like to join in a chance to think about what it is they really would like to work on and improve.

If you would like to join me you are more than welcome to do so.  Encouragement to keep going is always accepted.

Think about a Mega Project you would like to tackle and some smaller ones that may need done.  Is there something you have been putting off or that scares you because of its size or complexity?  Is there something that has been holding you back or intimidating you?  Is there a habit you want to change that is affecting your life or others?  Let’s face our foes together and little by little they will be brought down to size and conquered.

Come back on Monday for the start of this series.  And really think about what it is you would like to have done before this wonderful Fall weather gives way to Winter.  It can be done, and we will do it together.