Using What You Have – homemade cold coffee drink

using what you have coffeeEver feel in the mood to use up that item in your pantry that has been sitting there for just a bit too long?  Often my items like this are ones we tried and found we really did not care for, but yet had another one still sitting around.  That is what happened with this bag of coffee.  Seems the ‘columbian’ roast is not a flavor my husband and I are fond of.  Thankfully I had only bought two bags at the wonderful price of $0.99 per bag.  But what to do?

I could have added it straight to the garden as compost.  But that felt like wasting money.

I could give it away, but was not sure exactly how fresh it was considering the price.

I could make a cake out of it, but was afraid the flavor would still come across as one we did not like.

And so there it sat, taking up space in the coffee section of my pantry.  Till last week that is.

I was doing yard work that was taking longer than it should have taken.  The kids were getting antsy and not helping the situation any.  I began to day dream of things that sounded yummy.  (Apparently it was getting close to lunch time.)  A cold coffee drink from a coffee shop sounded great.  The issue?  The nearest ‘coffee shop’ was not exactly close.  This meant that it was up to me to figure something out.

We did have a container of store bought ice coffee mix in the freezer, thanks to a recent sale.  My husband had used it to make a great mix, though I was not sure how he did it and was afraid I would waste it trying to figure it out.  Then I remembered the coffee.  And the fact that I had sweetened condensed milk in the pantry.  And cream in the fridge.  “I wonder….”

I brewed the coffee fairly strong and placed a cup in the freezer, as we have no ice cubes in the house.

I added in several tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk and two or three dollops of chocolate topping.  The cream was added to help thicken it up and make the coffee not so strong.  The cup was mixed up with hand blender and I had a wonder relaxing time after lunch while the kids were quiet in their spots during Quiet Time.  I felt a bit guilty, but that went away with the third taste of what I quickly found out was a great, cheap way to have a cold coffee drink in Small Town in the middle of summer.

Note: I tried this again, using hazelnut extract instead of chocolate.  I would not suggest it.  Perhaps I added too much, but it was undrinkable even for this lady who prides herself on being able to eat/drink almost anything.

using what you have cold coffee drink