Aug 062015

Cactus with bird holes toward sky

While the blog may be quieter than I would like, I am spending time at the computer (and trying to catch up around the house from being gone a lot this month).

One of the areas I am behind in is planning Jack’s 1st grade curriculum plan. I’m not so much behind as I am frozen with nervousness.  I decided to tackle small chunks everyday.  Today = poetry.  The Ambleside Online Year 1 plan has Robert Lois Stevenson as the poet for the first term (12 weeks).  They ever so helpfully included a link to an online version of Child’s Garden of Verses.

While I went ahead and requested the book from the library, in order to get a sense of the poet I took a look at the first poem.  What I found made me laugh out loud.  Seems a poet from over a hundred years ago put into rhyme what Jack has been telling me almost every night for the past many months – “It can’t be bed time, the sun is still up!”  (“Bed in Summer“)

I think I am going to like Mr. Stevenson.

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